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We're here to bring horse racing back into fashion. Nothing more, nothing less.

OUR mission

To gather and entertain as many people as possible with horse racing.


Aiming to become THE leading horse racing app by 2030, making you fall in love with horses.

EQWIN, an Impact Startup

Let’s cut to the chase—EQWIN is a game-changer in the industry. We’re putting our money where our mouth is by funneling a slice of our revenue back into the sector.

We’re on a mission to spruce up the racing scene and charm a fresh crowd.

For our operations, EQWIN holds official stamps of approval from the horse racing federations, France Galop and SETF

of now

In a mere 9 months, we've clocked up...

  • A community of more than 15,000 keen and engaging users,

  • With 40% being fresh to the scene (meaning they've got into horse racing through us),

  • Over €671,000 traded on the app!

  • And over €69,000 circled back into the horse racing world.


Elise C.

Thanks again for this crazy project, which, regarding the design, is so pleasant but is also as interesting as it is educational! My favorite project of the year!


Thank you for making one of my long-held dreams come true, that of owning racehorses.


Keep on; you’ve sparked my passion for the races again!


This is solid work and a cracking experience for horse racing fans. I’m hoping it’ll draw in folks who’ll get to know the horse racing scene through this app.


EQWIN’s a proper interesting project. It lets you see the races from a fresh angle. When a memorabilia in my stable takes part in a race, I’m like, “My horse is running today!” The whole idea and project are just fascinating.


Fully diving into the races in a whole new way, big thanks to @eqwinapp
First runner of the week! #HorseRacing


I want to thank the entire EQWIN team for their hard work! An AWESOME app, FANTASTIC TEAM even though I don't know you! KUDOS to THE WHOLE TEAM FOR YOUR WORK

Keep it up!

Best regards


Thank you, it’s amazing. I can’t afford to own horses, so you've given me a piece of the dream.


🏇🏼 Raphaël 🏇🇫🇷

Anyway, thanks to EQWIN because I get excited every day and several times a day as I gradually become familiar with this world which was totally unknown to me just 4 months ago. For that, a huge thank you EQWIN.

Gabriel Painvin

Initially, I wasn’t really into racing, but now I’m definitely experiencing it in front of my TV.

There’s a certain logic to it, wouldn’t you agree?

They jumped on the EQWIN bandwagon from day one. Their input, dedication, and even their occasional doubts have always driven us onwards. So, who else but them, or indeed you, to come along for the ride as we continue this brilliant adventure?

ah, seems we’ve caught
their attention as well.

EQWIN offers the thrills of horse racing without the need to actually own a horse.

Attention horse racing enthusiasts: this app sells digital racehorses!

Driven by a female trio, backed by the industry and investors, EQWIN is revolutionizing the world of horse racing.

EQWIN, the app that's giving horse racing a fresh spin.

The name EQWIN has been stirring up the horse racing sphere for several months.

With EQWIN, it's an opportunity to tangibly connect with the horse community.

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Join forces with the top dogs

And you could be one of them! Investing in EQWIN means you're part of an elite crowd, mixing with accomplished entrepreneurs and the horse racing world's finest, enough to make the big guns look twice (but we’re keeping it humble).

Anthony Bourbon

Feed. & BlastClub QVEMA judge on M6

Clément Lenglet


Xavier Niel

Needs no intro, does he ?

Thibaud Elzière

Serial Entrepreneur

Guy Stephan

Assistant Coach 
of the French National Team

De Rothschild

The bank big boss

Samuel Guez

My Jolie Candle

Olivier Peslier

Superstar Jockey

Charly Milpied

The (real) voice of racing

The horse racing bible

If not more

And you ?


There's a special something in store for you, depending on your investment size. Of course, the more you put in, the bigger the thank you!


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Attend a "Legend" dinner

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d’Amérique, Prix de l’Arc de
Triomphe, Grand Steeple-Chase
de Paris).

From €15,000 👀 from €15,000

EQWIN is an app revitalizing horse racing by blending strategy, competition, and community. Founded in 2022 by Nina Caput and Anaïs Izaac, EQWIN not only transforms how we experience races but also how we participate in them, blurring the lines between being a spectator and a stakeholder in the racing world. With EQWIN, become the manager of your own stable, buy and sell at the best times, challenge the community, and earn exclusive rewards based on the real-life performances of your horses!

EQWIN is opening its capital to deepen its relationship with its community, moving forward together in the mission to gather and entertain as many people as possible with horse racing. By inviting its users to become co-shareholders, EQWIN aims not just to raise funds for its development and growth but also to strengthen its foundation of community participation and shared passion for racing. This approach signifies a commitment to transparency, innovation, and collective success in shaping the future of horse racing.

Places are limited, and not everyone will get a spot. Let's be honest, becoming a shareholder in EQWIN is akin to snagging a ticket to the 2024 Olympics to watch your favorite discipline. It won't be available to everyone, but registering on the waitlist will definitely make a difference when the time comes! To do so:

  • Create your account on Crowdcube at https://www.crowdcube.com/early-access/eqwin-app

    • You'll need to complete a long and tedious questionnaire, but don’t worry, there are no wrong answers.

  • Secure your participation by indicating the amount you're willing to invest.

  • You'll receive an email from Crowdcube confirming your registration on the waitlist for the pre-sale.

  • 24 hours before the official opening, you'll receive an email granting you early access to invest. That’s the benefit of registering.

Investing in startups and early stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.